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Device Management

Browse Devices

Easily look at all the devices in your fleet with easy quick filters and sorting.


Search all your devices based on status, vehicle details (Make, Year, Model), battery status, and much more.

Map It

Look at the location of all your fleet devices with our map, with a click of the mouse jump to specific geozones.

Name, Group and Tag Devices

You can name each of your devices, create groups for easier management and create tagging for even more control.

Vehicle Monitoring

Engine Readings

Get basic vehicle engine readings like Battery Level, Fuel Level, Coolant & Oil Temperature or extend the system to keep track of any support OBD PIDS.

Trip Tracking

All the vehicle trips are tracked with GPS points so you can easily see the start and end points as well as the route.

Driving Behavior

Easily look at any hard accelerations, hard breaks and cornering events. Also our platform keeps track of speeding duration, max speed and idling.

Battery Diagnostics

Our platform reports the battery level of all your vehicles in the fleet. It also has a smart system to recognize batteries that are in Low status, and those that are in Critical status.

VIN Decoding

When possible our platform is able to identify the vehicle’s VIN and then decode it to automatically know the Year, Make, Model and other details of the vehicle. If for some reason this doesn’t work automatically, you can easily manage it manually.

Realtime Alerts

Curfew Alerts

Setup curfew times and get notified as soon as a vehicle is active within that curfew.

Geofence Alerts

Create geofences to track the location of your vehicles and also to get notified whenever a vehicle enters or exist the specific geofence.

Device Alerts

Get notified if a device was connected, disconnected, updated, modified and much more.

Trip Alerts

Be the first to know if a vehicle has started or ended a trip.

Vehicle Engine Alerts

You can trigger notifications when a engine light is detected, if a battery issue is detected, or you can custom create notifications on specific vehicle reading thresholds like fuel level, oil temperature, etc.

Multiple Channel Notifications

All the alerts can be sent using our different channels like Mailgun for Email, Twilio for SMS messages and Zapier for online actions.

External Webhook

If you want to integrate your own channel you can setup a web hook to receive all the alerts.


Export All Data

All your data like devices, vehicles, trips, logs, etc. can be exported and downloaded with a click of a button.

Total Fleet Operating Cost

Get a quick glance of the operating cost of your fleet based on fuel consumption and distance travelled.

Cost Trend

Learn how much fuel your fleet uses by distance or by operation time which will allow you to make better decisions.

Daily Breakdowns

Know the exact amount of distance travelled, fuel consumption, idling time, trip events and speeding time of your fleet.

Scheduled Reports

Build custom reports that are delivered at specific days and hours. Automate the way your look at your fleet.

SIM Management

Data Consumption

With full integration to our Global SIM service you can look at how much data each of your devices is consuming directly from your fleet platform.

Suspend and Resume Data

From the platform you can suspend SIMs so they stop generating data, and as easily you can resume them, keeping your costs under control.

Users and Role Management


Create as many roles as you need with granular permission level giving you very flexible options for your organizational needs.


Create as many users as you want and assign them to specific roles. You can also customize the notifications that each user should be able to receive.

Developer API

Documented REST API

Get access to all your fleet data and events with our fully documented REST API, and integrate your data into any of your own products or custom development.

Key Management

Create API keys with specific permissions to access your data. Suspend or remove the keys when you no longer need them.


Enterprise Deployment

If you need more control and security of your system, we have an option to create fully branded, white-label solution.

Custom Development

If there is a feature missing on our platform, or you require to track data from your vehicles in a specific way, we have a team of developers experts in the industry than can help you.

FOTA Management

Our platform helps you in the management of Firmware Over The Air, so that keeping your devices updated and secure is a breeze.


Our platform keeps logs of everything, from raw communication logs from your devices, to device events, battery levels and much more.

Complete Solution Provider

What sets us aside from our competitors is not only our easy-to-use platform, but our end to end solution. We have everything you need to get your started right away: hardware, software, and sim connectivity.

OBD Hardware

We have the proven hardware you can use that works seamlessly with our platform.

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Global SIM Connectivity

We can get your devices connected anywhere in the world.

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Custom Development

You love our platform but wish to have a custom solution? We love software development and we can build anything you need to fit your requirements.

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Amazing Customer Support

We are here to support your business growth.

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