You’re getting the best
device on the market

Automotive standards are demanding. We have engineered with and tested embedded software, electronics, and devices from some the world’s largest device manufacturers and suppliers to find the best possible solution for each industry we deploy our products into.

We’ve have sought
out only the best

We’ve tested devices thoroughly with millions of miles of vehicle data collected from a vast cross-sections of vehicles in the world. So we can confidently say, your getting the best device on the market.

How It Works

Our devices securely collect and transmit vehicle and sensor data to our platform via a cellular connection

Real-Time Reporting

Provide prompt services and assistance using real-time information.

Any vehicle

The device is compatible with 98% of cars on the road in America

A tiny footprint

The device is designed to install easily, plug and play in any car’s OBD2 port.

Made in the USA

Enough Said.

Level Device

Our device meets the demands of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, so we know how to deliver unfailing quality on a large scale. Simple and trusted, which means less hassel for you!

Cellular Connectivity

It comes packed with affordable cellular connectivity.

Accessible and certified!

FCC, Sprint, AT&T, Rogers … and capable of connecting in over 190 countries.

Proprietary Anti-Tampering Technology

Its smart! It can detect unauthorized manipulation of its hardware or its use to prevent data and safety compromises.

Security is key!

Don’t forget about this! Securing the data transmission from the car to the platform is paramount! That’s why we do it for you!.

Complete Solution Provider

What sets us aside from our competitors is not only our easy-to-use platform, but our end to end solution. We have everything you need to get your started right away: hardware, software, and sim connectivity.

OBD Hardware

We have the proven hardware you can use that works seamlessly with our platform.

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Global SIM Connectivity

We can get your devices connected anywhere in the world.

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Custom Development

You love our platform but wish to have a custom solution? We love software development and we can build anything you need to fit your requirements.

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Amazing Customer Support

We are here to support your business growth.

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