Fleet Management
Made Easy

End to end, State of the art solution for monitoring, deploying, and managing a fleet of any size, in any industry.

Easy to Use

Stop using complicated spreadsheet and paper-based processes, our platform provides everything you need to control and keep track of your vehicle assets.

Driving Insights

Learn more on how your vehicles are being used. Insights into trips and fuel consumption help you reduce one of your highest operation costs: fuel theft.

Curfew and Geofence Alerts

With our platform you can decide how and when to be alerted if any of your vehicles is operation after hours or driving on specific geofences.

Charts and Reports

We have a powerful reporting system that will allow you to easily understand the status of your fleet, from cost assessment to idling time, get a real understanding on how to make your fleet more efficient.

API Integration

Do you want to access your data from a 3rd party software or custom development? We have a very well documented API that will allow you to integrate into external systems.

Roles & Permissions

Make sure your team has the right access. Our platform is built to have granular permission, you choose the users you create and the type of permissions they will have access to.

Stable and Secure

Our platform is built on redundant services in the AWS ecosystem, this allows us to have a platform that is both stable and following the highest standards of security.

Enterprise Deployment

If you need more control and security of your system, we have an option to create fully branded, white-label solution that includes your own deployment.


Service Providers

Protect your business fleet by preventing misuse of your vehicles, preventing downtime and avoiding fuel theft.

Food & Beverage

Obtain insights on the mileage and fuel consumption of your delivery fleet and get the right tools to reduce costs.


Reduce the burden of managing a government fleet by improving the utilization of the vehicles by keeping track of driving behavior and making sure the fleet is in regulatory compliance.

Higher Education

Identify vehicle issues immediately and be in the know on who and how your fleet vehicles are being used.


Usage based insurance platform. Get a better understanding of aggressive driving: speeding, hard breaks, hard accelerations as well as real-time detection of collisions.


Monitor the emissions of your fleet, engine issues and get a real snapshot of improvements to be done on your vehicles.

Complete Solution Provider

What sets us aside from our competitors is not only our easy-to-use platform, but our end to end solution. We have everything you need to get your started right away: hardware, software, and sim connectivity.

OBD Hardware

We have the proven hardware you can use that works seamlessly with our platform.

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Global SIM Connectivity

We can get your devices connected anywhere in the world.

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Custom Development

You love our platform but wish to have a custom solution? We love software development and we can build anything you need to fit your requirements.

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Amazing Customer Support

We are here to support your business growth.

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